Dad has a swap mis selling claim


I am really excited about a potential windfall Dad may be getting for a swap mis selling claim he has for an old business venture he had.  Years ago Dad had another restaurant with a partner that was doing quite well until unforeseen circumstances got it into trouble. The partner had done a lot of the financial side of the business whilst Dad was more front of house and day to day running of the restaurant.
Unfortunately the partner is no longer with us but whilst going through paperwork the accountants noticed there was a swap element to the mortgage they had and has told my father in nearly all cases these were poorly sold to the end user, that is if they even knew what they were signing up for. Like many Dad was oblivious about this new banking scandal until he was told by the accountant who has started the ball rolling with a specialist solicitor who handle these types of claims.

First meeting about the swap mis selling claim was positive

Dad came back from his first meeting last week very excited and has told me that the mortgage they had did indeed have one of these swaps elements to them and that he had a great case to make against the bank involved. As the mortgage was quite large and contributed to issues they had at the time the solicitor thinks that helot only has a cast iron case against the bank but the claim is worth a significant amount.
The claim is no underway and what makes this even more exciting is that as well as most cases being settled out of court if he does as expected and wins he has promised to set up our second restaurant and give half of it to us as a wedding gift to set us up for our future together.
When I told my fiancee she was over the moon and burst into tears. We had always talked about running our own restaurant together but with Dad as a business partner we will have all that experience and help to do the bits which we have never done before. As well as the experience having another restaurant has other benefits like shared costs and bigger buying power so it really is a very cool time for us at the moment.

Trying not to get over excited about swap mis selling claim

I am trying not to get to carried away with all of this as its not written in stone but Dad is very reserved normally and he is already looking at areas and premises for the new venture, so its hard not to start planning and dreaming of the future.
The whole process will take a while but if as the solicitor thinks this is fairly straight forward its just the time in labour and putting the claim together that will slow up the process. We can’t thank our accountant or the solicitor for helping us you can get them by clicking

Going to watch spurs with a no deposit free bet deal already used

free bet with no deposit on spursThis weekend’s trip is to Manchester and I have used a no deposit free bet offer on it
We have a trip away booked to go up to Manchester to see Spurs take on city and so I went online to get a no deposit free bet deal for having a punt on the game. I have been watching spurs now for a couple of years as a few of my friends are big Tottenham fans and kept on at me to go with them to White Heart Lane. I eventually went along and although I did not expect to enjoy myself it was cracking atmosphere and I was hooked almost straight away.
I try to go to as many games as possible now and every season we go to a couple of big away games. This year its Manchester that host are first away trip and I am looking forward to this immensely as I have not been to the city before. We are planning a couple of nights there leaving straight from work next Friday and are coming back Sunday evening.

Tickets booked and no deposit free bet prediction is a Spurs win!

We would not expect to go to City and fancy ourselves away from home but it’s not been the greatest of starts for either of us this season and both teams need a confidence boosting win but after City’s awful display in the Champions League I really fancy this is the time to play them. No doubt they will get it right soon but until then we need to capitalise on their average form by taking the game to them. I really hope we are positive and go for the throat and why not, no-one would expect us to get three points against the Champions of England so hopefully we can play without fear and really have a go.
First up we have Southampton but we should be confident of getting a win at home to them although they have started the season really well which I didn’t expect after losing so many of their key players. Manchester City are away at Villa how have started the season very brightly and so hopefully they can do us a favour and soften City up even more before we make the trip up to play them.

My no deposit free bet went on a 1-2 victory

I used my no deposit free bet offer to back us for a 1-2 win next weekend. I think it will be a close game but I just hope an early goal will unsettle them and bring more doubt into the players mind and give us a bit of confidence to have a go at them. Whatever happens it will be a good weekend as it always is with the lads but a win would be the icing on the cake and make for an outstanding weekend. If you fancy a punt on the game I went onto sky bet for my no deposit free bet offer and its a pretty decent offer.

Just ordered slate signs for my house

a sign made of slate for the cottage

I found slate signs for my house online

I was online recently and came across a website doing slate signs
for houses and I immediately wanted one. Mine looked really tired and shabby and once I found this website I knew I could do something about that really easily and for little money. I have seen them in home centres and places like that but they always looked a bit twee with flowers and things on them but the slate signs I found were plain but really nice quality and that was exactly what I was after plain but with a real classy look about them.

Options for my slate signs

The website I found allowed you to customise your slate signs and offered many options to make it your own. from different coloured letters in a wide variety of different fonts to even options to emblazon them with your own unique designs I had a load of fun tweaking my signs to suit what I had in my mind. What I did like was you could choose the type of edge finish you wanted I wanted something a bit rustic and with this company you could have an edge that was finished in this way, to almost looked chipped around the outside. I also picked a really old fashioned font to compliment this type of edge and the finished look was really plain and simple but really effective and exactly what I wanted to achieve. Once I have done the design and clicked order to pay and get it delivered the process was as easy as any website I have been on. The order part only took a minute or two, and all that was then left was waiting and fitting to complete my mission.

The slate signs turned up soon after

It only took about two weeks before the much awaited knock on the door from the postman. I was really excited to see how they had turned out and I was not at all disappointed to see the end result. On tearing off the packaging the slate signs looked amazing and I was so happy with the quality of the finish I would highly recommend the company I picked to do mine.
Fitting them was really easy too, a couple of screws was all it took to put up each of the signs and once finished they looked superb. My partner was so impressed too and thinks they have given my place a real lift. Considering it was a chance visit I am glad to say I am really happy I stumbled upon the website and ordered the slate signs I picked they are a great addition to the front of the house and for a couple of hundred pounds have made a big impression. If you have thought of investing in something like this I can say the company I picked were great from start to finish it was a very simple process to order the slate signs and once they arrive are a breeze to fit.